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Self Install Kits for 5 Ton or Less AC Units

The PreChill™ Residential Kit is easy to install, requiring just a few minutes, no specialized tools needed and attaches to a standard hose bib. With only limited maintenance required, simply change the Scale Shield™ Filter Screen periodically and unhook the water supply in the winter.

The PreChill™ System uses special, polycarbonate composite nozzles for misting. Each PreChill™ System is custom designed for your specific AC unit, and uses the proper number of misting nozzles to achieve the optimal increase in efficiency.

The PreChill™ System's Controls are the key to worry free, mechanical and environmentally friendly operation. Each nozzle uses between 1/3 and 1/2 gallons of water per hour. The water is controlled by a 24v solenoid valve that only turns on when the AC is actually running. This insures optimum efficiency, with no wasted water.

In addition to saving water, the PreChill™ System is truly a "Green" innovation that significantly reduces carbon emissions and lowers the demand for electricity during peak summer hours.

The PreChill Scale Shield™ Filter Screen wraps around your AC Unit and was developed to eliminate hard water problems by preventing water from reaching the condenser coils, keeping them free from moisture, dirt and debris that could harm your AC unit while not significantly reducing the air flow.