Evaporative Pre-Cooling for All Air Cooled AC Systems

The Award Winning PreChill™ System uses the power of evaporation to lower the temperature of the air cooling the condensers. The PreChill™ misting nozzles spray a fine mist into the air around the condensers only when the condenser fans are running. This cools the air 15° to 25° Fahrenheit. The electricity used by air-cooled HVAC Units is directly related to the outside air temperature. The hotter it is, the harder the cooling equipment has to work and the more energy it uses.

With large air-cooled HVAC equipment, there is 1.3% to 1.5% electrical demand and energy reduction for each degree Fahrenheit the temperature is reduced. Accordingly, any operating air conditioning equipment will use from 25% to 35% less energy at 75° than it does at 95°.


  • Reduces Energy Consumption and Demand
  • Save 20% to 40% on Your AC Cooling Costs
  • Extends the Life of AC Equipment
  • Keeps Condenser Coils Free of Contaminants
  • Increases Cooling Capacity of AC Units
  • Provides Rapid Payback from Power Savings
  • Worry Free Operation and Maintenance