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Why Evaporative Pre-Cooling is the Solution

The PreChill™ System is designed to increase the efficiency of air cooled condensers by lowering the temperature of the air around the condenser and is designed for optimum convenience, performance and protection of the AC equipment.

By harnessing the cooling power of evaporation it reduces energy and demand costs for large air-cooled systems. As the air is cooled, the cooler air allows the compressor to work more easily and it uses less power. This elegant but simple technology saves energy by making the condensing unit “think” it is considerably cooler outside than it actually is.

The PreChill™ System is an energy saving "Green" product, reducing AC electrical demand by more than 25%, it also reduces, by an equal amount, the carbon emissions produced at the power plant.

The PreChill™ System uses approximately 2 liters of water per hour per ton of AC, which saves approximately, 1 kWh. The power companies use 95 liters of water to produce 1 kWh of electricity.

The PreChill™ System saves approximately 40 times the amount of water it uses.

The PreChill™ System will provide reliable performance year after year and will pay for itself in only a few months.