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The PreChill EZ-CHANGE System Components

Water Supply and Misting Nozzles

The PreChill™ System is designed to be connected to a water source with a normal hose pressure of 35 to 65 p.s.i., the water supply line is 1/4" UV resistant, reinforced rubber hose with a working pressure of up to 200 p.s.i. For larger AC units, 3/8” copper tubing can be used to provide additional water volume.

The PreChill™ System misting nozzles are a polycarbonate composite and include a built in filter screen. The composition of the nozzles resists clogging or scale deposition and the built in 200 mesh filter prevents particulates from interfering with low pressure misting.

Scale Shield™ Filter Screen

The Scale Shield™ filter screen is designed to prevent water droplets, dirt and debris from passing through, while not restricting the air flow to the condenser coils. The Scale Shield™ filter screen provides a pressure drop of less than 0.05 inches of water at a face velocity of 500 cu. ft./min. The Scale Shield™ filter screen also provides a surface for water droplets to accumulate long enough to more completely evaporate. The quantity and arrangement of nozzles combined with the unique properties of the Scale Shield™ filter screen provide a system cooling efficiency of more than 85%.

Support Structure

The Misting Nozzles and Scale Shield™ are mounted and held in place with a magnetic framework for ease  of installation and changing the Scale Shield™ as needed. The frame consists of UV resistant plastic components attached to the AC condenser unit with 6 to 10 magnets. Each has a pull of 50 to 100 lbs. More magnets can be added to larger condenser units to protect the Scale Shield from wind speeds up to 90 mph.

Control System

The PreChill™ System is thermostatically controlled to operate only during optimum temperature and humidity conditions. A 24V thermostat circuit controls an electronic solenoid water valve. This control turns on the water mist only when the AC condenser is running. The PreChill™ System has an additional control which only allows the water mist to be activated when the temperature and humidity levels will provide effective cooling. This additional enthalpy control prevents water waste or over cooling of the AC compressor.